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Facilitating a hands-on gallery activity in Crossing Borders. Students wrote poems from the perspective of an object or figure in the painting "Alien Nation." They had to imagine stepping inside the painting and engaging multiple senses to experience what was going on in the artwork.

Manager of Teacher Initiatives, The Phillips Collection

In partnership with University of Maryland, I teach the continuing education, hybrid-learning course Connecting to the Core Curriculum: Building Teacher Capacity for Arts Integration through Prism.K12. I teach PK-12 educators how to blend the visual arts seamlessly into the core curriculum, while reaching students with multiple learning styles.

Instructor, The Ohio State University

I taught the undergraduate second-level writing course Visual Culture: Investigating Diversity & Social Justice. I encouraged students to challenge biases and discrimination through the lens of visual culture.

Course topics include:

  • Storytelling, Semiotics, & Social Media

  • Privilege, Master Narrative, Racism, Colonialism, Implicit Biases, & Representation

  • Identity, Community, & Globalization

  • Gender Construction, Class Issues, Disabilities, & Intersectionality

  • Critical Multiculturalism & Critical Race Theory

  • Cultural Diversity & Social Action

  • Cultural Appropriation & Re-Appropriation

  • Environmentalism

Assistant Educator, Dublin Arts Council

I led tours through exhibitions focusing on identity, immigration, and integration, including The Columbus Crossing Borders Project and Urur Dhex-Dhexaad Ah: Community In-Between.

Museum Educator, MASS MoCA

I developed my teaching skills at MASS MoCA, which I have applied and will continue to apply to all future teaching positions.

  • Tours – Led and modeled public, private, and school group conversational tours

  • Art Ninjas Camp – Instructed daily activities, art projects, and mindfulness practice

  • Programs – Assisted with teaching artist residencies, teen events, and partnership school programs

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