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Curating Crowded: Crowds and their Psychological Effects


I curated the exhibition Crowded, at the Tang Museum & Teaching Gallery (Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY). The exhibition brought together an array of images to suggest the varied ways that crowds permeate our lives, as well as the divergent effects crowds have on us. With the onset of industrialization and urbanization, crowds emerged as a common urban phenomenon and a new subject of inquiry. Several artists in Crowded explore bustling metropolises and their physical effects: traffic, debris, slums. In addition, Crowded presented images of crowds and crowded spaces that move beyond the notion of the overpopulated urban environment.

Exhibition artists: 


Eugene Atget

Peggy Bacon

Michael Harrison

Winslow Homer

Lester Johnson

Barbara A. Stroock Kaufman

LeRoy Neiman

Eduardo Paolozzi

George Segal

W. Eugene Smith

Johannes VanDerBeek

Andy Warhol

Emmett Williams

Garry Winogrand

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